💡How it works


At it's core, we aim to solve one of the problems of the crypto world; user wallets and transactions being tracked. Stealth does this by attempting to obfuscate transactions with AI via sending an ETH amount through new generated wallets a number of times before it reaches the intended wallet destination.

Detailed Process

  1. User inputs a destination wallet for the ETH to be sent to.

  2. User inputs an ETH amount.

  3. User picks the amount of wallets to be generated.

  4. (Optional) User inputs an email address to be notified when the process is done.

  5. Stealth will generate 25, 50, 75, or 100 new one-time use wallets based on what the user picks in step 3.

  6. Stealth will send the first generated wallet to the user.

  7. User will then be able to send the exact amount inputted in step 2 to the first wallet.

  8. Stealth confirms that the first wallet has received ETH.

  9. Stealth begins the process of sending ETH from the first wallet to the second wallet, then to the third wallet, and so on until it arrives at the destination wallet.

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